List of Approved CPD

Course CodeName of CourseTeacher TrainerDates

FELTOMVideo and story tellingJamie KeddieTBA
CPD NGL/02Teaching Grammar to Young Learners in a Real - World Context (Only live sessions are approved)Dr. Joan Kang ShinTBA
CPD NGL/04Tips for Effective Phonics Instruction in the Young Learner Classroom (Only live sessions are approved)TBAMarch 2018
CPD NGL/05Integrating Information Literacy Skills into the Young Learner Classroom (Only live sessions are approved)Dr. Joan Kang ShinApril 2018
CPD A25/01Augmented Reality Training Course Workshop for EFL Teachers Pamela Borg 27.09.2017
ELT Council/01Surviving the Summer Season Bernice Camilleri, Rebecca Portelli & Ian Scerri27.05.2017
CPD NGL/06Identity, voice and collaboration: Tips for bringing big ideas from TED Talks into the classroom (Only live sessions are approved)Hetain Patel & Lewis Lansford25.10.2017
MATEFL/04TBAAntonia Clare24.11.2018
MATEFL/03TBAAntonia Clare23.06.2018
CPD CELP 1English Language Testing and AssessmentCELP23.02.2017
MEDE/ 01Training for Literacy and Language Educators NA 21.04.2017
CPD TT 01EFL Train the Trainer CourseAlan Marsh20/25/27.01.2017 + 01/03.02.2017
CPD 284/01Using the interactive whiteboardOwen Sevasta20.06.2017
MEDE/ 02Breaking Barriers: Embracing Literacy through Digital MediaMs Caitriona Whelan and Dr Vanessa Camilleri 20.06.2017
CPD A24/01Brain training for vocabularyKevin Spiteri18.03.2017
CPD A24/02Enjoying it, but are you learning enoughKevin Spiteri18.03.2017
CPD A24/03The silent treatmentKevin Spiteri18.03.2017
CPD A24/08Lost in Translation. A look into language and cultural differencesKevin Spiteri18.03.2017
CPD 231/14Project based learningDavid Bish17.04.2017
CPD NGL/14 Making learning last: Creating memorable lessons for your students (Only live sessions are approved)Paul Dummett16.01.2018
MATEFL/01TBAAntonia Clare14.03.2018
ELT Council/02 6th ELT Malta Conference - English for 21st Century Skills Gerard McLoughlin, David Nunan, Penny Ur, Sarah Mercer, Andy Hockley and Robert Mc Larty 12.10.2017 - 14.10.2017
CPD NGL/01Tight on Time: Tips of Teaching the Four Skills in Every Young Learner Lesson (Only live sessions are approved)Katherine Bilsborough08.11.2017
CELP/055th CELP Symposium TBA 08.02.2018
MATEFL/02TBAAntonia Clare05.05.2018
CPD NGL/03Managing Mixed Level Classrooms For Young Learner Teaching (Only live sessions are approved)Anna Hasper01.02.2018
CPD A10/01Broaden that vocabulary bankSigo Gatt
CPD A10/02To IWB or not to IWB?Sigo Gatt
CPD A10/03Sharp and witty listeningSigo Gatt
CPD A10/04Upgrading learner fluency through videoSigo Gatt
CPD 209/01Levels ClinicMichela Formosa and Sarah Zammit
CPD 209/02How to teach listeningHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/03How to teach speakingSarah Zammit
CPD 209/04Classroom Management techniquesMichela Formosa
CPD 209/05Lesson Planning and Stage AimsSarah Zammit
CPD 209/06Summer top-up courseMichela Formosa + Sarah Zammit + Heidi Rizzo
CPD 209/07How to teach readingHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/08Skills Clinic- WritingHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/09Skills Clinic - SpeakingHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/10Skills Clinic - Reading and ListeningHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/11Engaging Students: prof Hook The Motivating teacherRoberta Basarbolieva
CPD 209/12Exploiting Authentic Material in the ClassroomHeidi Rizzo
CPD 209/13Exploiting CorporaLara Portelli
CPD 209/14Principles EclecticismMichela Formosa
CPD 209/15We don't talk like thatSarah Zammit
CPD 121/01Bringing Creativity to pronunciationJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/02Teaching mixed abilities classesJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/03Useful activities for every learning styleJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/04Exchanging Ideas, Listening Reading Speaking and WritingJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/05Introduction to IWBJustyna Rogers