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Alan Marsh - Grammar and the Whole Person ELTC Oct 2016


Bozica Saric-Cvjetkovic - More than a Video


Lisa Phillips - I see what you mean. Visual Literacy in the ELT Classroom


Marjorie Rosenberg - Creating Activities for Different Learner Types


Marjorie Rosenberg - Getting Unstuck Stretching Out of Our Comfort Zones


Marjorie Rosenberg - Practical Ideas for Using Images in the Classroom


Rebecca Portelli - Creating Your Own Materials

​​​​​​​​​​​Scott Thornbury – The SLA Hall of Fame


Michael Harrison- A Tale of Engaging Students Without the Coursebook


Evan Frendo – Needs Analysis in the Businees English Classroom


Tyson Seburn- Learner Sourced VisualsL A Higher Level Text’s Best Friend


Tyson Seburn – Blending Intensive Reading withOnline Collaboration Writing ​​


Magdalena Brzezinska- Peace Art: Words and Images Interwoven​


Caroline Campbell Empowering Learners to Develop their Vocabulary



Elena Peresada - How to Gamify your English Class