List of Approved CPD

Course CodeName of CourseTeacher TrainerDates

CPD 121/01Bringing Creativity to pronunciationJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/02Teaching mixed abilities classesJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/03Useful activities for every learning styleJustyne Rogers
CPD 121/04Exchanging Ideas, Listening Reading Speaking and WritingJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/05Introduction to IWBJustyna Rogers
CPD 121/06Lesson Aims Justyna Rogers
CPD 125/01Lapses, errors, mistakes and correctionsTheo Navarro
CPD 125/02Coping strategies for roll-on roll-off coursesIan Scerri
CPD 125/03Language Skills Refresher for Summer Teachers: Reading and WritingTheo Navarro
CPD 125/04Language Skills Refresher for Summer Teachers: Speaking and listeningAnnabel Gauci Borda
CPD 125/05Pronunciation: Why should we teach it? HOW can we teach it? Theo Navarro
CPD 125/06Integrative Tasks vs Discrete Point Tasks Pros, Cons & Practicalities Ian Scerri
CPD 125/07Writing: Product vs. Process approaches. Should we focus on the destination or the journey?Theo Navarro
CPD 127/01Off the cuff. Lesson Staging and planningDavid Ciappara
CPD 127/02Teaching ReadingDavid Ciappara
CPD 127/03Phonology Focus during ELT lessonsDavid Ciappara
CPD 127/04Teaching WritingDavid Ciappara
CPD 144/ 20mLearning Jean Sciberras
CPD 144/02Teacher Talk revisitedLouis Grech
CPD 144/03Lets Connect, using linkers in writingJean Sciberras
CPD 144/05Using authentic materialsMatt Done
CPD 144/06Exploiting controlled practice activitiesMatt Done
CPD 144/07Upgrading your speaking lessonMatt Done
CPD 144/08Speaking, back to basicsLouis Grech
CPD 144/09Being a democratic dictatorJean Sciberras
CPD 144/10Classroom management revistedMatt Done
CPD 144/11Cambridge SEJean Sciberras
CPD 144/12Teacher trainerLouis Grech
CPD 144/13English through ArtJean Sciberras
CPD 144/14Exploiting Multiple Intelligences in the ELT ClassroomLouis Grech
CPD 144/15Errors and Corrections - reformulating teacher's outputMatt Done
CPD 144/16Materials light teachingLouis Grech
CPD 144/17Using Songs for Language LearningJean Sciberras
CPD 144/18Focus on teaching vs entertainingLouis Grech
CPD 144/21Teaching Pronunciation Louis Grech
CPD 144/22Developing Reading Skills Louis Grech
CPD 150/01Back to BasicsAngie Conti
CPD 150/02Grammar ActivitiesAngie Conti
CPD 150/03StorytellingAngie Conti
CPD 150/04Listening in the real worldAngie Conti
CPD 158/02IWB TrainingDoriette Brincat
CPD 158/03Taking CPD into your own handsDoriette Brincat
CPD 158/05Motivating studentsTherese Moore
CPD 158/06Fluency or accuracy. Best is bothAlan Marsh
CPD 158/07Brain training for vocabKevin Spiteri
CPD 158/08Using Prominence in the ClassroomJackie Jays
CPD 162/01How to deal with pronunciationMargaret Formosa
CPD 162/02How to deal with pronunciation - word stressMargaret Formosa
CPD 162/03How to deal with ponunciation- sentence stress and intonationMargaret Formosa
CPD 162/04Adapting the CoursebookMargaret Formosa