2nd ELT Malta Conference - Inspiring Teachers

​2nd ELT Malta Conference Snapshot

2nd ELT Malta Conference - The full video

​​6-7 September 2013

Organized by the EFL Monitoring Board
Ministry for Education and Employment

Approximately 380 participants attended the 2nd Malta ELT Conference organised by the EFL Monitoring Board. 95% of survey respondents rated the event as positive and fulfilling their reason for attending.

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Dear Sue and Sihon,
I could not go to bed tonight and let the sun set on the day, a wonderful day, a day that concludes two fabulous days spent at the 2nd EFL conference without saying thank you.   Two small words, two syllables that seem inadequate to express our gratitude and sincere thanks for all the hard work that you and your team have put in to making this even so memorable and such a huge success.
It was so inspiring and just a magical weekend.    We enjoyed it so much.  Thank you!
Glenys and Leonard Bowman
Dear Sue
Thank you for your conference back up and assistance before and during the conference. I very much enjoyed the conference, and of course the Malta vibe
And I enjoyed meeting and talking with Daniel too. I am also impressed by and supportive of the ministry involvement in developing the broader profile and visibility of Malta ELT, and the development of the micro and macro quality steps that this entails.  
Once again many thanks.
Best wishes
Adrian Underhill
Dear Ms Falzon,
In brief I must congratulate you and your colleagues for a splendid and well organized conference which inspired many of us.
This augurs very well for all concerned stakeholders, besides EFL internationally, as well as our great little Malta.
Well done,
Catherine S Galea
Dear Ms Falzon
With reference to the above mentioned, I would like to congratulate you for the impeccably organized way this event was carried out. It is a unique opportunity to meet big names such as John Hughes, Jeremy Harmer Adrian Underhill, just a few to mention.
It was a pleasure attending and I most definitely look forward to next year’s.
I take this opportunity to thank you for the job you are all doing at the EFL monitoring board to ensure high quality teachers, trainers and teaching.
Best regards
Catherine Mifsud
Hi Sue,

First of all, allow me to congratulate you and all your colleagues of the EFL Monitoring Board for the splendid work you did to ensure that the 2nd ELT Malta Conference was a tremendous success, eclipsing the wonderful achievements of the 1st Conference in terms of attendance, organisation, speakers, venue, service, participation and the ensuing ethos of the event. Thanks once again, to you and your colleagues for a wonderful Conference. I am already looking forward to the 3rd one.

Best regards,

Andy Farrugia.

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